FAQs – Ask The Captain

Captain James P Knox

Captain James P Knox

Q: What do I need to bring? 

A: We supply all your fishing tackle, licenses, cut bait, coolers and ice, rods and reels, bottled water, Fuel and everything else you need to catch fish!

**Only things not included in the package is Live Bait & Gratuity.


 Q: Is there anything I can’t bring on the boat?

A: We ask that you don’t bring glass containers on the boat. Bottled beers sometimes fall and glass is potentially dangerous. Please bring cans and plastics only. No Braided Line is allowed on the boat. 


Q: What are the “Castings” fishing charter time lengths? 

A: 1/2 Day= 4 hours  ~  3/4 Day= 6 Hours  ~  Full Day= 8 Hours

*Please contact the Captain for current pricing and to book a trip.

**We also offer Daytime Swordfishing Trips, and Spearfishing Trips for certified Free-Divers.


Q: Are private Evening Cruises available? 

A: Captain Knox would be honored to have you and yours onboard the “Castings” for an unforgettable, once-in-a-lifetime, exquisite opportunity of an Evening Private Cruise!


Q: What about alcohol on the boat?

You are welcome to bring some cold beers out with you or some wine coolers. No hard liquor is allowed on the boat. The reasoning behind this is that we simply want you to have fun and you want to have a few beers that’s acceptable, but please remember it’s a fishing trip, not a drinking trip. Since its private charters that the “Castings” run daily, you can bring whatever you wish other than hard liquor.  ***(Please Keep in Mind: Captain’s orders overrule ALL policies while at sea. This rule is customary onboard all ships, and is for the sole purpose of the safety of all fishing onboard the Castings."


Q: Can I eat the fish I catch?

A: Anything you catch out there which meets the legal size and is in season is yours and Captain James will clean and bag all of your fish. There are some restaurants in town that will cook your fish for you if you bring it to them. Ask the Captain and he will point you in the right direction to go and enjoy the fresh beauty YOU just caught. It just does not get any better than that!


Q: What if I catch something really big? 

A: If you catch a big game fish, we have a great rapport with local taxidermist that do great work preserving your trophy of a catch. If you’d like to get something that you caught mounted, ask the Captain about it and he will help you to get it mounted.


Q: I’ve never fished before. What experience is necessary? 

A: A lot of the people we take fishing have never fished before in their lives. That’s why we are here; this is our passion and job! Captain Knox is an expert at the art of fishing and takes great pride in teaching beginners how to fish. We love getting new people into our sport of fishing.


Q: What time should I get there for my trip?

A: Plan to get to the boat about 30-45 minutes prior to the scheduled time for the boat is to leave. This gives you time to get food & drinks, find the location of the dock, apply sunscreen and check in with the Captain to let him know that you’re here and ready for the time of your life!


Q: Where are your boats located? 

A: We are located right between West Palm Peach, FL and Riviera Beach, FL. Our exact docking address is: 900 E. Blue Heron Blvd., Riviera Beach, FL 33403


Q: What should I wear on the trip?

A: Wear cool and comfortable clothes on most days, something you don't mind getting a little 'fishy'. Any shoes are fine, even flip-flops (no heels). The weather is rarely chilly off the coast of where the boat is docked and the locations where we will be fishing. In the rare occasion that it is a bit chilly a windbreaker or a long sleeved shirt will do just fine. **Don't forget a Hat, Sunscreen and Sunglasses (polarized sunglasses if possible so you can see down into the water better)!


Q: Can I ship my fish home?

A: Although shipping fish is rather expensive, if you wish to ship your catch you are allowed to do so. A better option is to freeze your fish and take it on the plane with you as check-in baggage. You can check a cooler with frozen fish as check-in luggage. Make sure that if you choose to check in your fish at the airport, be sure to store them into a STRONG Styrofoam cooler packed and sealed tight and the fish should stay frozen for you the whole flight home.