Castings was born on April 5, 2007 in Miami.

She is a custom built, 27ft center console with a single diesel inboard. Castings has a solid and smooth ride, ample storage space, and plenty of fishability. This boat is set up for all offshore species from Mahi and Sailfish to Swordfish and Snapper. There is a fish box on board that is large enough to ice down a ton of fish. There are two additional coolers for bait and drinks and food.

Castings is primarily a live bait boat but is also set up for big game trolling. There are two live-wells on the boat for keeping over 100 large live baits or many more small chum size baits ready for action. Outfitted with 17ft out-riggers, this boat will troll a killer spread for Marlin, Tuna, Mahi, or anything else.

When she was launched on that day 8 years ago, she drove from Miami up to Palm beach, and this has been her home ever since. She was raised, so to speak, here on the waters off Palm Beach, just as her Captain has been during the past forty years. Castings is always ready for a good fishing trip as the dock where she has resided all these years is only 5 minutes from the Palm Beach Inlet.

Castings was constructed specifically with kite fishing in mind off the waters of Palm Beach. Rigged with electric reel outlets for the kite reels, rods holders all around the gunwale, and plenty of backup rod storage, she is a fishing machine and enjoys a hard days work on the ocean. This boat has been put to the test many times and has a proven catch record that most other boats envy.

Recently, Castings has received a John Deere Diesel engine which has been the most excellent power plant for this boat. The Deere has contributed further to the already amazing ride and handling of this 27ft center console. The speed is greater and the ride is even smoother now. There have recently been additional upgrades such as new cushions, Eisen glass enclosure, and new Garmin electronics package complete with Sounder, GPS, and Radar.

If there is a better 27ft boat on the water, we want to see it.


FishCastings with her owner and Captain James P. Knox

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FishCasting: The Best Boat, The Best Captain & The Best Gear in Florida.