The Typical Trip

The typical fishing trip on Castings often begins with some South Florida, kite-fishing fun. On the ride out, Captain Knox gives his briefing with the game plan for the day, including where the fish are, how to fish the them, and what to look for.

Usually the fishing begins about a mile and half from shore, however the captain will travel further, depending on where the fish have been during the past few days.

Immediately after getting the kites in the air, we add a few more lines, both deep baits and flats. Each of these lines have live bait, usually a Google-eye, Sardine, Blue-runner, or a big Pilchard. All are great bait for a variety of species including Sailfish, Mahi, Tuna, King Mackerel, and more.

Many trips will include a stop at one of the many offshore article reefs made up of scuttled ships ranging in size from 100ft to 295ft in length. There’s nothing like dropping baits on one of these deep wrecks in 200ft of water. This tactic usually doesn't take long to get hooked up with a monster fish.

The Captain will also put his clients on some high speed vertical jigging on the wrecks; which is a blast as well. Of course, it requires a lot of effort, working a vertical jig, but can be a hit with the wreck fish. Another tactic the Captain likes is trolling fast for Wahoo and, if they are around, this can be worth the effort.

All in all, a trip on Fishcastings is completely determined by what is biting and what the client desires. Every day is different and there is no such thing as a “typical” trip.