Me and my son went out for a 6 hour fishing trip with Captain James Knox.

All I can say is WOW! We had a great time. He gave us great instructions during the trip on how to use the reels. I have fished all my life in fresh water, but these fish are different. The put up a fight and there is a right way and a wrong way to catch them. A piece of advice, buy the live bait and listen to the Captain!

We caught kingfish, Bonita, Sailfish, Mahi-mahi, and a bull shark. All were great fish to catch, but the highlights of the day were the 60 lb. sailfish and the 250 lb. bull shark. The sailfish was wild. It just kept fighting and jumping. The shark took about 45 minutes to reel in. When that bad boy hunkered down, it was on! We had to take turns reeling the shark in. At the end, me and my son were totally exhausted. If you want a workout, get one of those beasts on the line.

At the end of the trip, Captain James filleted the fish for us and bagged it. The Mahi-mahi was excellent!

I would highly recommend Fish Castings!

Tony D,
5 of 5 starsReviewed March 25, 2015

Our family was in town for a short weekend trip and we decided it would be fun to go deep sea fishing. We had contacted Captain James and booked the trip right away from that moment on he was very personable and we knew we would have a great time. Once we arrived we got on the boat and immediately headed out he talked to us about the different types of fish we could catch and was very informative. First we caught some bait fish so we could move on to try and catch a shark along with other fish, the waters were calm but no real action was happening (none of the boats around us had any luck either) while sitting there waiting we had some sucker fish come to the boat and my nephew (8yrs) was very excited to see those and was getting impatient while waiting for other fish to come so Captian James helped him catch the sucker fish and once we got that on the boat he showed us how powerful the sucker was he attached it to the boat along with letting us feel it on our legs/arms (what an amazing experience). We did get 3 dolphins hooked but unfortunately lost all 3 which was a bummer but it's all part of the game. Because we didn't catch anything and that was towards the end of our trip he let us stay out extra time which was super nice of him! Overall it was such a wonderful experience and we will definetely be using Captain James again!


Samantha, Manager

We joined Captain James for an afternoon of fishing. Despite the fact that the waves were "snotty" (who knew?) he was willing to take us out to try for something significant. It was very rough and the waves were close together but we had a chance to see/experience kite fishing and use the big rods. Unfortunately, the conditions were not conducive to catching anything (hardly anyone was out and no boat was catching anything) but he kept us engaged (he knows about so many topics and really knows his ocean, and he pointed out turtles and other creatures that appeared) and involved. Eventually we returned to the inlet so we could catch the "little" stuff and we had a great time catching jack and experimenting with the equipment. Capt James was always upbeat, albeit apologetic about weather he could not control, and we had a great afternoon. We have every intention of trying again next year! After all this weather is outside his control but he really controlled his boat and our equipment and bait. Totally upbeat and enthusiastic as well as skilled.

Kathleen Corrigan, Consultant
“Fantastic Experience”
5 of 5 starsReviewed February 23, 2015

For my husband's Birthday, my girls and I thought Deep Sea Fishing would be a fantastic experience. We've lived in South Florida for 10 yrs and have never been Deep Sea Fishing. Once I emailed Capt. James my inquiries about booking a trip. He called me with a few hours. He was very nice. He patiently answered all my question, and I warned him that my daughter and I will most likely get sea sick. I know it sounds strange, but regardless of taking medication, my daughter and I did experience motion sickness, but we actually had fun. Capt. James has vast enthusiasm and patience for fishing. We had never heard of Kite Fishing before, and he explained everything to us as he set it up. Unfortunately, my daughter became really ill and he he rapidly took everything all the kites and poles down. He said we could fish in calmer waters and he explained all the fish we could catch in the inlet. We fished on a day when the fish just weren't biting. We passed other
fishing boats and they were having a slow day as well. But we hung out in the inlet and he pretty much talked fishing and it was really interesting. He has such an easy going personality and he loves his job. Since we were having a slow day, he told us he wouldn't charge us for the last hour and he said we could put it towards our next trip. My older daughter and I do not have "sea legs" but my husband and youngest had the best time fishing. They plan on going back out with Capt. James. Regardless of the motion sickness, the whole experience was very fantastic. We thought Capt. James was great and will definitely go back out with him again.

Lorie N - Trip Advisor, Designer