We joined Captain James for an afternoon of fishing. Despite the fact that the waves were "snotty" (who knew?) he was willing to take us out to try for something significant. It was very rough and the waves were close together but we had a chance to see/experience kite fishing and use the big rods. Unfortunately, the conditions were not conducive to catching anything (hardly anyone was out and no boat was catching anything) but he kept us engaged (he knows about so many topics and really knows his ocean, and he pointed out turtles and other creatures that appeared) and involved. Eventually we returned to the inlet so we could catch the "little" stuff and we had a great time catching jack and experimenting with the equipment. Capt James was always upbeat, albeit apologetic about weather he could not control, and we had a great afternoon. We have every intention of trying again next year! After all this weather is outside his control but he really controlled his boat and our equipment and bait. Totally upbeat and enthusiastic as well as skilled.

Kathleen Corrigan, Consultant